KImageFuser is a Linux Kommander script program that fuses multiple exposures of one scene into an image with greater detail and well balanced exposure by using the well exposed areas of the original multi-exposure images. KImageFuser is a graphical frontend for the open source command line tools Enfuse and Align_Image_Stack.

KImageFuser is written in Kommander. It should work on any Linux box with kommander >= version 1.3. Kommander is part of kdewebdev. To be able to use Kommander 1.3 you need kdewebdev >= 3.5.9.
Enfuse is written by Andrew Mihal (main developer) and released as open source. Align_Image_Stack is one of the "helper" tools that come with Hugin (main developer Pablo d'Angelo). Hugin is also released as open source. (MacOSX bundles of Hugin can be downloaded via my website under "Other topics -> Hugin".

KImageFuser is a Kommander script (but as a graphical QT interface), which means that you don't need to compile it nor install it. Kommander scripts are very fast scripts as Kommander uses the KDE (compiled) "building blocks" to do it's work.
KImageFuser has the execute bit set and you can start KImageFuser from the command line or double-click it from your favorite file manager.

KImagefuser printscreen
See for more screenshots here.

Being a script means that it is by default Open Source and I released it under GPL (v3, not that it really matters). Note though that you need to edit in kmdr-editor as editing in e.g. vi(m) might be very hard as it is a big .xml that is more or less a QT ".ui" "with extensions".

KImageFuser makes use of:
- kmdr-executor, part of kdewebdev and/or kommander.
- enfuse,
- align_image_stack, part of Hugin
- convert, part of ImageMagick
- exiftool, (if you enable it on the settings page).

- kdelibs
- kdewebdev (version >=3.5.9)
- kommander >=1.3 (kommander is part of kdewebdev)
- enfuse
- hugin
- imagemagick

Note: If you use a distribution that does not install a single KDE theme as dependency of kdelibs, you will get a very ugly interface that doesn't look familiar with the ones in the screenshots. In this case you need to install at least one theme. Most linux distributions come at least with "kde-theme-bluecurve" or "kde-theme-oxygen", which are the most used ones. Note also that the names like "kde-theme-bluecurve" might slightly differ between different distributions.

Use your favorite package manager to install these packages or compile them yourself.
Make sure that KImageFuser can find them via your PATH.
Note when installing from a package manager: on some distributions enfuse is part of the enblend package. On other distributions (e.g. (k)ubuntu), it is a separate package.

KImageFuser supports JPG, TIF and PNG.
Currently input format (source) = output format (fused/aligned image).

Download KImageFuser V 0.3.1 14 August 2009 (Changelog)

Date Version Location Location
14 August 2009 0.3.1 Primary Secondary
09 August 2009 Primary Secondary
06 August 2009 0.3.0 Primary Secondary
27 July 2009 0.2.2 Secondary
27 July 2009 0.2.1 Secondary
24 July 2009 0.2 Secondary
The primary download location speed is >500 Kbps (limited 50MB disk space). The secundary download location is max 25Kbps. The size of the .tgz's is below 100 Kbyte.


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