ImageFuser is a MacOSX program that fuses multiple exposures of one scene into an image with greater detail and well balanced exposure by using the well exposed areas of the original multi-exposure images. ImageFuser is a graphical frontend for the open source command line tools Enfuse and Align_Image_Stack. Next to these tools Phil Harvey's ExifTool is used to copy exif, jfif, tiff, iptc, gps, icc profile data etc. to the new images.

ImageFuser is released as Open source. If you find ImageFuser useful,  your donation is appreciated.

ImageFuser is multi-langual. Currently with English and Dutch, and partly French, German and Italian. It can be easily translated in any language. See the manual: Appendix B.

ImageFuser is written in AppleScript Studio as a Universal application. It should work on any Mac running Tiger or newer.
Enfuse is written by Andrew Mihal (main developer) and released as open source. Align_Image_Stack is one of the "helper" tools that come with Hugin (main developer Pablo d'Angelo). Hugin is also released as open source. (MacOSX bundles of Hugin can be downloaded via my website under "Other topics -> Hugin".


Mid December 2009 I released ImageFuser as Open Source. For that same reason ImageFuser is now hosted on You can find ImageFuser at

The below mentioned downloads are only there to function as a kind of archive.

Date Version Location Location
12 February 2010
12 January 2010
03 January 2010 Secondary
31 December 2009 Secondary
29 December 2009 Secondary
22 December 2009 0.7.4 Secondary
16 October 2009 Secondary
26 June 2009  
21 June 2009 Secondary
20 June 2009 0.7.2 Secondary
13 June 2009 0.7.1 Secondary
13 june 2009 Secondary
6 june 2009 0.7.0 Secondary
17 apr 2009 Secondary
14 apr 2009 0.6.5 Secondary
4 apr 2009 0.6.0 Secondary
13 jan 2009 0.5.7 Secondary
10 jan 2009 0.5.6  
02 jan 2009 0.5.5 Secondary
24 dec 2008 0.5.3
20 dec 2008 0.5.2
17 dec 2008 0.5.1
15 dec 2008
14 dec 2008 0.5.0
20 oct 2008 0.4.2  
The secundary download location is max 50Kbps.


Universal mac application

This is a universal application for MacOSX and can be used on MacOSX 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6


Nederlandse versie    English version

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