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Goal: an easy to use cross-platform panoramic imaging tool chain based on Panorama Tools.

With hugin you can assemble a mosaic of photographs into a complete immersive panorama, stitch any series of overlapping pictures and much more.


See the Hugin homepage for this great project.

Below you will find application bundles for MacOSX. They contain universal builds and should run on all Intel based Macs as of MacOSX 10.5. Note that PPC and 10.4 are no longer supported.

Please note that these bundles are 90% based on "the works" of Ippei Ukai. You can find his page here.

The binaries presented here are in the MAC .dmg (compressed) disk image format and some are further compressed with gzip. Once downloaded you can double-click the disk-image and it will open. You can drag the anywhere you like but the Applications folder is normally the most appropriate one.

The bundles are presented on my website but are actually hosted on That server has a very high bandwidth which means that you gain a much higher download speed than is possible from my residential server.



Where to find official Hugin Release bundles

The software on this site is built from development versions and as such are primarily meant for testing purposes. Chances are great that these downloads can be used to produce some breathtaking panoramas but don't blame us if your Mac turns into a coffee machine instead.

If you are looking for the latest official release bundles please check out the "Download" page at or directly from the files section from Sourceforge. The current official release version is 2012.0.0.

Have fun!


Hugin 2012.x  bundles of development versions

Note: When you download a bundle from my site you will also be asked on the download page to register your hardware/OSX data. Please do that for every download. This is off course on a 100% voluntary basis. To check later on directly on the statististics use this link instead of downloading again which will ruin the statistics. This does not work in Safari < 5.02.

enblend-enfuse-4.0-mac-openmp 13 Feb 2013 enblend-enfuse-4.0-mac-openmp As Hugin 2013 no longer comes with an open-mp enabled enblend/enfuse this package has been made available.
hugin-mac-2012.1.0.6152_8111f5310cce 12 Feb 2013 hugin-mac-2012.1.0.6152_8111f5310cce - "pre beta" of new GUi design
- further developments in GUI
- orthographic images supported
Note: For the Hugin 2012 builds you don't need an external Control Point generator as it contains cpfind already but if you want to use another ControlPoint Generator you need the Hugin 2009/2010 ControlPoint Generators.

Hugin 2009/2010/2011 ControlPoint generators

Version (svn) Date
Panomatic 0.94
11 September 2009 Install_Panomatic_0.94_binary

Use in combination with Hugin 2009.x builds
md5: 3be935254079a70a214b451591f61f61

Autpano-Sift-C 2.5
11 September 2009 Install_Autopano-SIFT-C_2.5_binary

Use in combination with Hugin 2009.x builds
md5: e705aef321f93115d09eb357f82ff3fe

Note: The Hugin 2009.x versions use the new ControlPoint structure based on Thomas Modes work.

Installation and use of ControlPoint generators
To be able to align and stitch seamless panoramas, hugin needs to know the corresponding locations (control points) between each overlapping pair of images. Hugin will calculate the best way to align those images using the Control Point generators. These Control Point generators are separate packages and not included inside the Hugin package.

The Control Point generators come as separate .dmg files. You open the .dmg and you will find a folder with the generator and an installer. simply double-click the installer and the CPgenerator binary will be installed in your user directory inside "Library/Application Support/Hugin/Autopano".

How to configure the ControlPoint generators inside Hugin
When you start Hugin, go to preferences and to the "Control Point Detectors" pane.

Preferences pane CP generators


Preferences pane CP generators - Edit

Here you can add CP generators (currently panomatic and/or Autopano-SIFT-C). It is now possible to create different configurations based on the same generator.

cpfind default parameters: --multirow -o %o %s

panomatic default parameters: -o %o %i

autopano-sift-c default parameters: --maxmatches %p %o %i

autopano-sift-c 120+ images: --maxmatches %p %o %s

align_image_stack: -f %v -p %o %i

align_image_stack for Full Frame Fisheye lenses: -f %v -p -e %o %i

Note: for cpfind and align_image_stack you should not browse for the binary. Just enter cpfind or align_image_stack.

For autopano-sift-c you might want to experiment with ransac. Don't use it for fisheye lenses. For normal lenses you might add "--ransac 1" to the parameters. Explanation of RANSAC.

Note: After you have installed one or more CP generators, you need to set one generator as "default" generator. If you forget to do this the Assistant panel does not function.


Older Hugin builds

Older Hugin builds can be found on the "Hugin Archive" page.



Other Hugin related MacOsx packages


4.0 enblend-enfuse April 2010 64bit-enblend-enfuse-4.0 Stand-alone 64bit Universal versions without openmp
20100111 Hugin_tools 11 January 2010 Hugin_tools Universal 32bit command line tools belonging to Hugin, panotools and enblend/enfuse.
md5: 128da2e6597b7aaa7eb29e8a7e1e78b2
sha1: 988907715316d5b2412c469bfa87d29ec63232d8

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